Windows 2000 AFS client

Created on: 10-Jun-2001
Last update: 19-Jun-2001

If you have an account in afs cell environment you can copy the Windows 2000 AFS client ( from:

Login as ADMINISTRATOR on your Windows 2000 pc and start afs client setup program;

Choose U.S.English Language and press OK;

Press <Next> button to proceed to client AFS installation;

Read the License Agreement and, if you accept it, press <I Agree> button;

Deselect AFS Server and AFS Supplemental Documentation components and leave only AFS Client with AFS Control Center components;

After the first installation procedure is complete, you are asked to restart your computer by clicking on <Finish> button;

After reboot and a new login as ADMINISTRATOR an error message window warns you about AFS Client configuration.
Press <OK> button;

It's necessary to add the AFS Cell to work with it.
Select AFS Cells under AFS Client Configuration window and press <Add...> button;

Insert in AFS Cell field and its description, then press <add...> button;

Insert as server name, press <OK> button;
Add also server to obtain the following situation:

There is a new server, so insert also
You need to see all 3 authentication server!

Press <OK> button;

Press <Yes> button, to start AFS Client service;

At this point the AFS Client is ready to configure Drive Letters;

Press <Drive Letters> button;

Choose a Drive Letter to map, for example H: for your home directory and insert the AFS Path;

Then map Drive L: to view all the cell;

Drive W: for web areas;

And Drive Z: to see all afs tree;


You need an afs token to be recognized as afs user by the servers.
So press <Tokens> button;

Then press <Obtain New Tokens...> button, insert and confirm the requested information (cellname, username and password);

Now you will see a window like this:

Note that you can manage AFS areas using the right-mouse-button on AFS network drive or on afs folders.

If you encounter any problem using afs send an email to:

Sandro Angius/ mail to:

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