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Login Via Telnet

If you want to access an HP workstation, e.g. enter the command telnet. Some messages appear, followed by the login prompt, enter your account name, and the password will be prompted.

Be carefull when entering your account name and password, because UNIX is case sensitive! Upper and Lower case letters have a different meaning.

After your login, the system asks for your terminal type. With the terminal type you describe the terminal hardware or the emulator program you are using. The most important types of terminal used are:

Digital Terminal
Digital Terminal
X-Window Terminal Emulator
HP Terminal Emulator
If you work in a UNIX environment with a wrong terminal type setting, you should keep in mind that not all keys of your keyboard may be available in the way you expect. Then you would correct your terminal type with the export command. For example, if you want to correct your terminal type to vt100, you have to enter:

export TERM=vt220
Bourne/Korn-Shell users
setenv TERM vt220
C-shell/T-C-shell users

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