"According to the 24th article of the INFN Statute it's consisted the Scientific Committee with the task of providing opinions and formulate proposals to the Director about the scientific lines of the Laboratory itself and about the experiment to follow through the Structure, in the scope of the general scientific programmation expressed by the Directive Council, in relationship to the availability of resources as well."

LNF Scientific Committee members

Gunther Dissertori (Chairman) ETH, Zurich First mandate ends on 24/02/2021
Pierluigi Campana (Director) INFN-LNF
Ralph Assmann Desy, Hamburg First mandate ends on 30/03/2019
Patrick Decowski Nikhef, Amsterdam First mandate ends on 24/10/2020
Beate Heinemann DESY, Hamburg First mandate ends on 24/02/2021
Mike Lamont CERN, Genève First mandate ends on 24/10/2020
Patric Muggli Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, München Second mandate ends on 30/06/2020
Antonio Davide Polosa University of Rome La Sapienza First mandate ends on 28/04/2020
Angels Ramos Barcelona University First mandate ends on 26/11/2018

LNF Scientific Committee observers

Valter Bonvicini CSN5 Technological Physics
Alberto Lerda CSN4 Theoretical Physics
Marco Pallavicini CSN2 Astroparticle Physics
Nadia Pastrone CSN1 Particle Physics
Mauro Taiuti CSN3 Nuclear Physics
Paolo Valente LNF Beam Test Facility
Alessandro Variola Machine Advisory Committee


Marianna Testa Scientific Secretary
Directorate Secretariat Organizational Secretary